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Support Groups

Term 2: Building Protective Factors - 5 sessions

22 April - 20th May 2014

• Recognise the warning signs in relationships

• Respond differently to abusive behavior in the future

Term 2: Moving Beyond Trauma – 5 sessions

27th May - 24th June 2014

• Understanding the impact of trauma

• Coming to know the mind, heart and body connection

• Self care - Learn how to relax, slow down and begin to enjoy life more

• Finding your own way to move through trauma

** Please note that the Parenting After Violence group has been cancelled**
Term 3: Parenting After Violence – 4 sessions

For women who have experienced family violence

• How women and children have responded to family violence

• Talking with children about family violence, their feelings and fears

• Taking care of yourself; and

• Parenting strategies to encourage cooperation and positive self-esteem.

Term 4: Self Esteem and Reclaiming Identity – 8 sessions

14th October -  9th December 2014

• Finding your own voice and increasing your self esteem

• Reflecting on how you see yourself and what influences you

• Valuing your intuition and internal strength

• Reclaiming your identity

Term 3: Living Free – 8 sessions

22nd July - 9th September 2014

• Exploring your experience of family violence using art and creativity

Tuesday 10.15 am – 1.00pm

The group leaders are skilled facilitators and therapists

There is no charge to attend this group

Contact Susan or Julie on 9856 1500 or 0425707583

Sue Orr or Julie McDonald

For information about abuse

SassSing Choir

Sassing is a choir for women who have experienced domestic violence and their supporters. Please click here for further information.