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Social Events For Seniors

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There are several social events offered under Social Support, catering for different interests and background.

Feel free to browse through the following pages for more information for a social event which suits your needs and interests. You may also participate in more than one social event, if there are places available.

Transport Arrangements

Volunteers will collect you and return you home in a car. We ask you to contribute a small amount towards the cost of providing your transport.

This is only a suggested level of contribution - if it causes financial difficulties for you, please let the coordinator know.

Activity Costs

  • Costs vary from group to group depending on the activity
  • You will be informed of the likely costs before you go out.

There are a variety of Social Support Groups available. To view information about them, please click on the group name below:

Tuesday Lunch Group

Mens Lunch Group

Light Walking Group

Wednesday Lunch Group

Library Group


Cafe Perks

Saturday Club

Happy Wanderers

Chinese Walking Group

Movie Group